Boutique Hotel Arc de Triomphe, ****

& Suites

Welcome to your home!

In the spirit of a chic and cool residence, 25 rooms offer a soft respite. You will discover a true collection of elegant and urban atmospheres.

Wardrobe of the Parisian woman


Our rooms are based on the timeless codes developed by the great Parisian couturiers of the 20th century. Coco Chanel, Yves Saint-Laurent, Jean-Paul Gaultier: you will find a powerful mix of mix and match and a good dose of feminine masculinity.

The inspiration is assumed: tartan trench, tweed, flannel, denim or sailor. Each room has a cheerfully Parisian character. Whether it's through a chic, classic and always elegant wink, through touches of refined color or through an impromptu stroll with a reinvented subway tile look.

911 Web Salle De Bain Bathroom

French House

Designed in France

La Maison ELLE is a French house. Just like the great Parisian haute-couture houses, all the furniture, lighting, carpets and fabrics you will find are designed and created in France.


If you feel like a stroller, you will enjoy opening your suitcases... and your eyes.

Cabin Room

2 person(s)

Bed 160 X 200


A Parisian format, in agile practicality and well-fitted finishes:
slip between its fine sheets, and here and there,
you will be able to enjoy the story and the navigation.

Cosy room

2 person(s)

Bed 160 X 200


A cocoon full of elegance and charm to wrap your nights in sweet starry dreams. Its refined design and the optimization of its space have been thought out according to your needs. You will feel like in a cosy nest!

Premium room

2 person(s)

Bedding 160 x 200 Twin or Double


Superior but not haughty, this room has a courteous chic. Will her wardrobe be trench or tweed? Either way, she'll look good and feel good.


A spacious and intimate space to recharge your batteries after your stroll through the streets of Paris. We have prepared a comfortable bed and blackout blinds to help you fall asleep in a soft cocoon.

Junior Suite

2 person(s)

Bedding 180 x 200


All dressed in flannel, a small stylish suite with fine and neat details... Until its bathroom where you can enjoy both a shower and a bath.

Terrace Suite

2 person(s)

Bed 180 X 200


On the same foot, a large bed to dream large, a private terrace to take the air, a duet shower and bathtub where to take time... Here the softness lazes and slows down nicely the step.

Workshop Suite

2 person(s)

Bed 180 X 200


A fireplace for a contemplative reverie, a glass roof to plunge one's gaze into the sky, a duo shower to refresh one's eyes. This suite, accessed by a small discreet staircase, is a haven of peace and intimacy.