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Maison ELLE Paris Hotel

Care by Dr Hauschka

Away from your city tour in the streets of Paris, enjoy a moment of absolute relaxation where well-being paths whisper with tranquility. In your Maison ELLE, you will find Dr Hauschka's rhythmic treatments that leave a long lasting impression of light and inner balance.

Maison ELLE X Dr Hauschka: to disconnect from the ordinary

Maison ELLE X Dr Hauschka: to relax in a busy life

Maison ELLE X Dr Hauschka: to acquire a sense of renewal

SPA & Wellness

Nature, different

You are jet-lagged by your trip? Are your legs heavy from strolling the streets of Paris? Enjoy a moment of pure well-being with a Maison ELLE X Dr Hauschka signature treatment. A brand committed, authentic and natural since 1967 with a holistic approach. Your Maison ELLE Paris offers you a unique and singular experience.

Body & Face

  • MAISON ELLE Signature Body & Face Care

    To start again to zero. Unburden yourself, find yourself.

    This treatment offers a deep rejuvenation of the body, relaxes the facial features, stimulates the radiance and freshness of the complexion. It relaxes the body, eliminates areas of tension and creates lightness.

    The body and skin breathe freely again, vitality and relaxation are restored.

    20090 min


  • Signature Body Care MAISON ELLE (February 23)

    14060 minutes
  • REVITALIZING CARE for the legs

    For firm and light legs after a trip or a busy day.

    With enveloping and rhythmic gestures, this treatment brings your legs back to life and noticeably firms up the tissues. The lymphatic flow is released, providing relief and lightness to the legs.

    Particularly recommended for people working on their feet, travelling a lot, after a pregnancy, for athletes....

    10545 minutes


  • Maison ELLE Signature Face Care

    Even if your time is limited, this hour is yours. Enjoy this moment of softness, where our practitioners will take care of your face and décolleté, and will choose the products adapted to your needs of the moment.

    An appointment with yourself.

    Foot bath, body relaxation, deep skin cleansing, lymphatic stimulation and regeneration phase.

    14060 minutes

    After an intense day, what could be better than an evening serenity treatment to free you from the tensions of the day. This treatment is like a softness lock, which allows you to prepare for an evening under the sign of relaxation and serenity.

    Get a fresh, radiant complexion as soon as you get up.

    10545 minutes
  • ENERGIZING CARE of the day

    Start your day with this treatment that invigorates your skin and brightens your eyes.

    Your skin is toned and fresh, your complexion glows with light.

    You are ready for an active and centered day.

    10545 minutes

Treatments to combine


    Firmness of the eye contour, fresh, relaxed look,

    At any time of the day, treat yourself to this quick but profound break to free the mind, refresh the eyes and work on the firmness of the eye contour.

    Ideal for all those who tire their eyes on the screens.

    Also before evening or morning makeup.

    3515 minutes

    Soothes and releases tension in depth.

    Our backs define our posture and absorb a lot of tension. Give it some attention with a relaxing Dr. Hauschka treatment. If you use it regularly, it will relieve even the most stubborn tension. The back, arms and hands are soothed and the breathing is opened up. So that you can face the challenges of the day with confidence.

    7030 min.
  • LIGHT CARE of the head

    A moment away from the hustle and bustle to lighten the mind and release tension. What better way to start than with a footbath followed by a scalp and arm massage to relieve stress and plunge into a state of serenity.

    7030 min.

SPA area

Care pathway :

A customized cosmetic care menu designed by Maison Hauschka: an intimate and poetic universe to recharge your batteries with natural s100% formulations. Treatments on reservation, every day, at any time.

Bath and heat course:

To extend your wellness journey, enjoy a moment in our hammam or sauna: in a dry or humid atmosphere, beauty takes its place and above all its time.

Just for you: 

If you wish to enjoy the serenity of the heat bath courses in complete privacy, it is possible to privatize them. A perfect half hour, in the warmth and as if alone in the world, for which you just have to ask us, according to the time you wish.

Reservation request

If not specified, the therapist will be selected based on availability without taking into account the gender criterion.
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