YA'Mat X Maison ELLE carpet



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The YA'Mat is an everyday mat that is easily transportable thanks to its carrying strap that can also be used as a stretching strap.


Your YA'Mat is a sports and yoga mat that is suitable for many disciplines: fitness, cardio, pilates, yoga ... These 4 mm thick allow it to provide the comfort and cushioning needed while remaining stable and firm.

It is made of cork and rubber for the multiple properties of these 2 materials. The rubber has the particularity of being anti-slip, to avoid you to slip during your session. In addition, cork is naturally waterproof and antimicrobial for dripping sessions that will be erased in one swipe of the towel!


YA'Mat is made of only 2 materials: cork and rubber. The cork is made from the bark of cork oaks that do not need to be cut down to recover their bark; they regenerate naturally over time. The rubber comes from the sap of rubber trees in Vietnam. The cork and rubber are assembled by thermo-application.

Technical information:

  • Dimensions: 180 x 60 x 0.4 cm
  • Weight : 2,5 kg