Meditation cushion YA'Fu X Maison ELLE



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The YA'Fu meditation cushion is a wellness accessory, for your moments of relaxation. Entirely handmade in a production workshop in Tourcoing, the YA'Fu cushion will know very quickly to be adoptedr for its comfort, portability and design!


Your YA'FU meditation cushion has been designed to accompany you during your meditation sessions. Its round shape and 32 centimeters diameter allow you to be comfortably installed. And so, to raise your pelvis in the lotus, half-lotus and Burmese position.

Although the YA'Fu is primarily intended for meditation practice, it can also be used as a support for learning yoga postures.


The YA'Fu meditation cushion is made from natural materials. It is filled with spelt bales, the unused part of the cereal, which allow for an airy and flexible filling. The spelt balls do not compact and allow a stable and well anchored posture.

The cushion cover is handmade in vegan leather.